Lifetime Guarantee

If STYLINEN Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets are not the softest, most comfortable and breathable bed sheets that you have ever slept on then simply contact us and return them for a complete full refund. We guarantee that you will love 100% Organic Pure Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets or we will buy them back from you!

100% Organic PURE EUCALYPTUSOKEO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

Silky Soft & COOLINGLuxuriously Soft and Comfortable

Breathable FabricWicks Away Moisture to Keep You Dry

300TC Sateen WeaveHighest Quality Eucalyptus Fabric

Double-StitchingDurable & Long Lasting

HypoallergenicNatural Antimicrobial Properties

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Amazon Customer Reviews

  • Amazon Product Review

    After first wash these were the softest!
    I wasn't a sheet kinda guy before but these things are stupid soft and feel amazing. I was used to discount sheets, which can be softer but these feel so soft and smooth that it doesn't feel like you're sleeping on a sheet. I might be kinda of sheet guy now.

    SONER ACAR Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Softer with every use - Quick dry and durable
    These sheets arrived quickly, and dried surprisingly fast - about 30 minutes in my dryer. They are buttery soft and feel very delicate touching your skin. I've had them about a month (3 washes so far) and they get better and better daily.

    K. Doherty Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Best sheets ever!
    We love these sheets!! They are cool and comfortable especially if you get hot while you sleep. These keep you cool. They fit our king size perfectly.

    Kevin Schneider Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Silky smooth
    These feel amazingly silky. The pillowcases enhanced the softness in my pillows, and don’t damage my hair as I sleep. The color is exactly as described, and the fitted sheet fits my thick mattress with room to spare. If I wanted I can fit a 3” mattress pad on top of bed, and these shits will still fit. When they came out of the package very wrinkled I was worried they would stay like that, but the wrinkles have relaxed out after use. I’m overall very pleased with my purchase, and will buy another set in the future. These are by far the best sheets I’ve ever owned.

    Corigrace Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Softest Sheets I've Had!
    I love having nice sheets. I will pay top dollar for decent sheets. I've purchased everything from jersey sheets to linen sheets. The linen sheets were nice, but honestly not as soft as I wanted even after 2 years of use and washing. These sheets were super soft from the moment I pulled them out of the package. I was so excited to wash them and sleep on them. When I finally got to crawl into bed, I was overjoyed. They really are nice. Now, I will certainly come back and let you all know if they wear out sooner than I expect, but for now: THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SHEETS!

    Rands Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Like satin
    I'm happy with these. They're way more satin-y than I realized at first, but I like the satin feel. They also seem to breath well, which some satins don't. They color that I got (grey pearl) had a bit of a sage green hue, that wound up matching my room pretty well. The thing that I read in the comments, about the flat sheet running a bit big, was actually perfect for me and my bed-mate, because we always wind up pulling the covers off each other... lol

    Raymond Champion Amazon Customer